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I want to try and be a secret, a mystery woman. I think I should just call myself SS for now.

I was born in the US but have been brought up in India. Moved from Mumbai to a smaller town called Pune (though it doesn’t seem as small now!). I have an MBA from a small school in California (how I miss the place!) and work with a local company here. I am 24 years old and still single (Indian society makes you feel like if you aren’t married/engaged by your 24th birthday, you are a lost cause!).

I enjoy cooking , love chocolate, reading, listening to music , trying out new places to eat and hookah! I have a wonderful group of friends (thank god!) most whom I have known for over 7 years! We go out atleast  3 times a week of which once it has to be at out favorite hookah cafe..

Currently, my job isn’t interesting at all and I have no work to do. I wonder why they won’t just let me go! It’s not like everything’s going to crumble without me! Lol… So to help me make it through the ridiculously boring 12 hours, I carry a book along. I aim to finish a book a day and am kind of successful though not always! I intend to put up synopsis of the books I read with my reviews!

This blog is going to be my outlet for my dreams, my hopes and my views! I hope it does make sense to people besides me and more than anything, I hope it inspires you to try and venture in the unknown world!

Also, I LOVE pink!!! 😀




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