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The Immortals of Meluha By Amish Tripathi

After reading this book, I honestly wonder why did I not discover this book sooner? Amazingly written, full of relatable drama and some very exciting twists and turns. The Immortals of Meluha is the first book in the Shiva trilogy. I love the concept of this trilogy – Think of the Lord Shiva as a real human being, someone who actually existed on this earth centuries ago. A brave warrior, a man with a blue throat and a capable leader discovering his destiny. Lord Shiva is someone most Hindus would know of. He is one of the most powerful Gods in Hindu mythology and is often referred to as the ‘destroyer’. He is believed to have a third eye, excellent dance skills and a blue throat. Legend has it that He resides in Mount Kailash near the Indus river.

This is where Tripathi’s book starts off. It describes a beautiful scene of his imagination of what Mount Kailash would look like. There he describes a man, covered with scars and a tribe leader, wondering how he would protect his tribe from their enemies. It is during one of these attacks that he decides to take the offer of a foreigner to move to the land of Meluha, in the Indus Valley Civilization. The Meluhan civilization is believed to have been created by Lord Rama, the greatest monarch there ever was.

With the hope of a better ans safer life, Shiva and his tribe, the Gunas, being their journey towards Meluha. Their first stop is Srinagar where they are made to drink a ‘medicine’, the Somras. The Somras is given to all foreigners to rid them of any disease they maybe carrying. While all other members of the tribe develop a fever or break into chills, Shiva has a unique reaction to the Somras. His neck turns blue! He immediately calls for the doctor, Ayurvati. Ayurvati falls to her knees and starts crying and praying to Shiva once she notices his blue neck. After calming down, she tells Shiva about the legend of the ‘Neelkanth’ or the blue throat. The legend goes that the man whose throat turns blue after drinking the Somras is the saviour of the Meluhans. His destiny is to help the Meluhans, followers of the Suryavanshi rulers, win against the Chandravashi who are their mortal enemies. Shiva rejects this legend and tries his best to live as normally as the Meluhans would let him. But in time, he starts questioning his existence and the more he thinks about it and the more adventures he faces, he realizes that he might just be the saviour.

This first book is so amazing because it describes Shiva’s inner turmoil, something that I am sure a lot of people can relate to, including me. He wonders what really is the purpose of his existence, he can’t help doubt himself and his abilities, he worries if he might let the people of Meluha down. He falls in love with a beautiful woman who seems to be scared by her own feelings and avoids Shiva at all costs. These emotions make Shiva a very relatable character. It is inspiring, in a way, how Shiva works around his emotions and rises to be a strong leader.

The book is extremely gripping and the only time I stopped turning pages was when my eyes just wouldn’t stay up! I rushed back to the book whenever I could! I am pretty sure, I could have finished reading this book in one go, forgetting my lunch and dinner. It is particularly relatable to me as an Indian and a Hindu because we have read or watched or listened to stories about Shiva and a lot of the characters in the book. Suddenly their behaviors or their personalities started making sense.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the next one as well, The Secret of the Nagas. My post on The Secret of the Nagas, coming up soon!

Run…. Pick up your copy of The Immortals of Meluha and tell me what you think!! 🙂


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