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In a world obsessed with diets and weight loss, a refreshing new attitude…..

I have honestly been horrible about updating my blog with my whole Rajasthan trip! I wish I could’ve just done it sooner but I guess when the time comes, I’ll get around to it. I have so many beautiful pictures and I wish I could share them with everyone. Hopefully soon.

I was looking across some blogs that interest me and I came across this absolutely amazing post by the writer of “Do you have an Extra Large in This?”, Raina Singh. I have often gone back to this blog because I find her writing so poignant. Many of her posts strike a chord with me. This article most definitely does. I loved it so much I have to share it…

Here is the post in her very own words,

Why I Choose Not to Diet

I choose not to diet because I don’t need to look a certain way to enjoy what life has to offer.

I choose not to diet because I believe that monitoring your nutrition is more important than following some fad. 

I choose not to diet because nutrition is more than weight loss.  It is energy levels, blood sugar, blood pressure, blood sugar, hydration, digestion, and so on.

I choose not to diet because food is not my enemy, it is just food.  It is both necessity and luxury.  It doesn’t have an agenda, it is not out to get me, it does not have a personality.  It is there to nourish me, give me enjoyment and fuel me.

I choose not to diet because there is enough to stress out about in life without being consumed by the restraints of a diet.  More important things that require my attention are how I’m going to pay my bills, how I am going to support a friend who has lost a family member, how I’m going to go the extra mile in my job, how am I going to travel to new cities, new countries, meet new people, do new things.

I choose not to diet because I don’t require adherence to a set of rules to establish my character. Nutrition, fitness and morals are not intertwined.   If I eat a carrot it does not make me a good person.  If I eat a carrot cake, it does not make me a bad person.  It just means I’m a person.  The food I eat does not define my personality.

I choose not to diet because there are many other benefits to exercise.  Benefits like stress relief, strength, cardiovascular endurance, improved energy, improved sleep, improved flexibility, and so on.  Whether weight loss comes with it or not, there are many other reasons to continue to exercise and these carry far more importance to me.

I choose not to diet because the process drives me to obsession.  I store my head and heart full of dieting information and there is no room for anything else.  No room to be sympathetic for a friend who is going through a hard time – for their hard time means nothing if all I am focused on is my diet.  No room to experience enjoyment in the way of a new activity, or new venture, or new journey – for the only priority that matters is the diet that I am following.

I choose not to diet because it restrains me socially.  It throttles my personality and places a wall around me.  All I can talk about is dieting, how many grams of carbs is in a food item, how many grams of fat is in a food item, how many grams of protein, how many milligrams of sodium.  If there is even a remote possibility of a place or event not having a food item where I did not know of its composition, I would hide from it, and from the people eating it.

I choose not to diet because with dieting in my life, I was not alive.  To diet, for me, was to die.  The moment I chose not to diet was the same moment I started to live.

And I bloody well love it.

After reading this post, I can’t help ask myself, “Why do I diet?” I wish I had the strength and the courage to be able to eat exactly as I please without a care in this world, but I really don’t think I am at that stage yet. I am still at a point where I eat and feel guilty about what I have just eaten. I am learning to make healthier food choices and while a part of me understands I will cave once in a while, a part of my brain is very critical of those ‘caving in’ times.

I genuinely believe that sticking to diets is one of the worst things you can do to your body. Cutting out certain food groups harms your body much more in the long run. Plus its very, very difficult to follow diets for long periods of time. If you truly do want to lose weight and more importantly lead a happy, healthy life, you need to change your lifestyle. There really is nothing more to it. It’s not easy by any means, but from what I have learnt, one step at a time works. Don’t rush all in! You’ll never be able to keep up with it. I live by the philosophy of not dieting but eating healthy foods in moderate quantities. There are periods , unfortunately, where I feel the need to drop weight quickly and I turn to ‘diets’. It is so important to love your body the way it is and appreciate it for everything. I posted a picture on my Facebook page today that makes me feel so grateful for everything I have, that all my body issues disappeared for a while.

What I love about this post is that it inspires you to live life to the fullest, no matter what. It inspires me to  stop counting calories or repeating lists of what I have eaten and wonder what can I eat now with the calories I have in hand. It helps me feel less guilty if I eat something “bad” because I know life is all about enjoying everything and experiencing feelings other than guilt. It inspires me to work harder towards developing a better relationship with food instead of hating it.

Here’s to living a happier life, diet-free!!


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A marketing professional, currently living in India, who is passionate about baking, cooking, reading and eating! I love chocolate and always look for recipes which have chocolate in them. I enjoy trying different cheeses and I hope to one day be able to sound knowledgeable about wine! I enjoy reading all kinds of books - from fiction to non-fiction, mysteries to romances, auto biographies to self help books. I also enjoy reading management books and like discussing them with any audience who share my passion.. This blog is just my way of sharing my creations and thoughts with the world and getting feedback on what people think about it!

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