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Day 3: The Doomsday Conspirancy – Sidney Sheldon

When I was younger, I would be so fascinated to see my father reading his big, fat novels with their tiny prints. I used to think that he is the smartest man considering he reads such intelligent looking books. Those were the days when I would read Enid Blyton stories while he would read his Sidney Sheldon or Jeffery Archer or John Grisham books.

I remember reading my first Sidney Sheldon when I was 18 years old – Morning, Noon and Night. I was fascinated by it and his writing. It was a grown up book and I finally felt wise. I loved the plots and while a few of his books may have been predictable, for the most, the endings always surprised me. He doesn’t over describe the surroundings and he doesn’t have impossible to remember characters. The plots are very interesting and he tells them so well! They almost always have some interesting real information linked to the plot.  Did you know he was the creator, producer and writer of the hit 1960s show, ‘I Dream Of Jeannie’? I loved the show and had a major crush on Major Nelson! 🙂

My library is closed on Thursdays and I needed some book to take to work. I found a copy of Sidney Sheldon’s Doomsday Conspiracy at home and decided to take it to work. The problem with Sidney Sheldon’s books  is that they are so brilliantly mind capturing, I can’t put the book down till I have finished reading all about it.  This book was no exception and I kept running back to the book once I sent out the required emails.

The Doomsday Conspiracy follows Commander Robert Bellamy’s journey as he is given the task of finding the 8 witnesses who saw a US weather balloon collapsing in the woods of Switzerland. Robert has no clue who these witnesses are and it is like finding a needle in a haystack. He eventually tracks the witnesses down and diligently reports them to his boss. What he does not know is that each of these witnesses is killed immediately once the NSA is notified of their details. The weather balloon is actually a UFO and world-wide leaders of many nations want to keep this crash a secret. Robert does not know who these leaders are nor does he know of their true intentions till he realizes that they want to kill him too!

Half the book describes how Robert finds these witnesses and the other half describes how he escapes death and tries to find the real reason they want to conduct Operation Doomsday. He discovers that one of the aliens has adopted an earthly form and is trying to reach out to her mother ship. In the end, he finds out the real reason why the aliens came to Planet Earth and why leaders of various nations wanted to eliminate all the witnesses. He finds out why his marriage to his soul mate crumbled and why the people he trusted betrayed him.

A wonderful read, full of gripping mysterious entertainment. I am amazed at the plots Sidney Sheldon can think of and how beautifully he can weave a story. If you enjoy mystery books, I recommend this book. One of the better Sidney Sheldon books I have read.


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