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Day 2: Keep the Change by Nirupama Subramanian

So, day 2 of reading books at work. Now before you judge me and make me feel guilty about getting a salary for not working. let me tell you this, it’s not my fault they don’t have any work for me! I can’t really stare at my computer all day long. They have blocked all the fun websites – facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, most game sites! What’s a gal supposed to do?

Anyway, after my not so great experience with ‘Marrying Anita’, I was wondering whether or not I should pick up a book by another Indian author. I decided to pick this book up only because I loved the cover page! Fortunately for me, the book was quite entertaining.

B. Dayamanthi is a 26 year old girl/lady living in Chennai with her parents and works as an accountant in a local chartered accountants firm. She decides its time for a change and on an impulse attends a job interview held by a multi national bank, ‘First Bank’. Obviously she gets selected and off to Bombay/Mumbai she goes!

I completely relate to her character whose leaving her warm, protective parents for the first time. While there is much apprehension concerning the unknown territory, there is so much excitement about the freedom she is about to have. As with most girls, Dayamanthi is hoping to meet her Prince Charming in the vibrant city of Bombay, the land of dreams!

She does meet Rahul who works in her bank in another department while at a training program in Goa and at the age of 26, she gets her first kiss! Back in Mumbai, she dreams of him and the time they spent and can’t wait to meet him again. On the work front, she and her friend ‘Jimmy’ are assigned to a new a project under the guidance of a consultant who Dayamanthi finds extremely stuck up.

Through the course of the book, we follow DB on her journey as she learns about corporate culture, boys, men and herself.

All in all, the book was a good read – entertaining though a little long and slightly creepy considering she writes letters to her doll! I managed to finish this book and it definitely was more entertaining than Marrying Anita!


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A marketing professional, currently living in India, who is passionate about baking, cooking, reading and eating! I love chocolate and always look for recipes which have chocolate in them. I enjoy trying different cheeses and I hope to one day be able to sound knowledgeable about wine! I enjoy reading all kinds of books - from fiction to non-fiction, mysteries to romances, auto biographies to self help books. I also enjoy reading management books and like discussing them with any audience who share my passion.. This blog is just my way of sharing my creations and thoughts with the world and getting feedback on what people think about it!

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